Insight in reading over 20 blogs

I love reading. It is one hobby I truly enjoy, and as a Blogger and Freelance PR Consultant, I have to read as many blog posts as possible every day. Reading and writing is second nature to me, which is great because my job relies on it! So if I am not able to put […]

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One of the biggest debate “has social media made more people closed minded”?. The above author required to seek out sources. After reading this authors blog about blogging gives me more hope.  The more we share ideas, facts, or even the root of the matters in business to fashion; the need for communications between people and groups secures the foundation of freedoms,  in an open society. We may not always agree, yet by reading then discussing in open forums such as the ancients in our new venues (Social Medias and Blogs) our Republic Democracy will continue to be a light on top of a hill.

We need to create healthy environments for youth to explore reading and expression in writing.   – Ronald Brown