Meltdown Monday Reads — Sky Dancing

Good Morning Sky Dancers! We’re learning more about the Republican ethos for holding power. Suppress Votes. Gerrymander. Collude with Foreign Agents. Dirty Tricks Done Dirt Cheap. Cheat as much as possible. Welcome to the campaign of Baptist Minister Mark Harris for a North Carolina Congressional seat where what we learn from Jesus that the end […]

via Meltdown Monday Reads — Sky Dancing

@brownrbjr2002 the information covered in these articles by this author, as a Republican, I have to take a pause. Moreover as an American citizen as well as a veteran; we need to take an account of the legacy American we will leave our world and our generation of generations. As we lay our  41st President to rest, and John Mc Caine as well this year. The America they gave a lifetime of services for the betterment of all. (world citizens to American).  Thank you for sharing your mind with us, and with me.

Keep writing, and holding us accountable.  Ronald Brown.